No change please.

People are always going to say no.

Not to you but to change.

Humans naturally want to stay in stasis.

We want to feel safe.

Unless we are motivated from some other factor, they don’t want change.


When you suggest something spontaneously

a small thing. Something fun.

They might say no, labelling it as ridiculous, stupid or a waste of time.




Don’t live the lie that life is perfect.


They might be right. Maybe it is a waste of time.

Listen to them if your suggestion is a serious plan.


But an 18 year old building a poor sandcastle in London Southbank?

“Oh my that’s so stupid.”

Secretly it makes them laugh.

It forms stories, memories.


People like to be around people who are not afraid to try new things.

Who make them laugh.


No-one is living your life for you.

Make it a story. Build a plot. Build character.


Make life worth it.


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