Let me reiterate that:



I aim to sacrifice my social life until the 17th of May 2017. That being said, it’s still important to talk to people, go out and destress, alongside stretching out my poor right hand from frantically scribbling notes. I do enjoy revising, studying, even. I like the structure and fact that I am in complete control over my results. Although I am interested in, say, English essays, and delving into books, I find it particularly challenging to bring the book to life throughout the essay, by selecting appropriate quotes to construct strong arguments. On the other hand, revision is voluntary. I know what I have to learn, the time frame and I like the knowledge that during this time I will not receive big projects with deadlines. Yet I enjoy coursework too. I am a pedantic student, a perfectionist, and I aspire to be the best that I can be.

The only trouble is that I seem to be unable to be the best at social life too. Maybe the reason I enjoy exam season is that everyone else is confined to their desks; drama virtually non-existent; social gatherings postponed until after exams. It is during this time that I can excel in my introversion. It is possible to focus on myself rather than on the opinions of other people.

After my final exam, I will be sociable as an otter. (Imagine a cute one). Summer 2015 was phenomenal. I went out every evening, looked after my body, went to bed early, ran, ate well. I want this Summer 2017 to surpass it.

On reflection, I feel that I get stressed by exams, by school easily even though I enjoy it. The balance between social and academia is a challenge I aim to surpass. During the year, I tend not to go out a lot. Hang out in the study area. And my general knowledge is pretty poor in regards to general general knowledge and friendship general knowledge; without school I learn more about other people, about myself and I go out into London, or meet up with friends often. This, however, is unsustainable. When I start work, there will be no “final exams”. When I start university, there is no excuse for me not to make good friends. In reality, it is vitally important to learn how to make more acquaintances, friends and be marginally more popular. For networking reasons. I cannot afford not to lose friendships that I have made.

My body weight determines how sociable I feel. If I have eaten badly that week such as bowls of cereal after school, bread or biscuits or not restraining my carb intake with the amount of exercise I do, my cheeks inflate, and I lose cheekbone definition.

Reasons I get lazy with my diet:

  1. Complacency: I work out until I am happy with my shape, and then believe I will magically retain it.
  2. That time of the month: I like my cereals ok. Every fricken’ month.
  3. Tiredness. Go to bed late (because studying at 12am is totally productive, and then I have to message people) and the following day I just don’t want to sleep. Side note: Am I scared of sleeping?- that’s a topic I’ll talk about on another post.
  4. I watch Suits/Billions at like 4pm after school to relax, and when no one is with me I sneak into the kitchen and make myself some lunch but once I finish that, the programme hasn’t finished so I tend towards cereals, bread, sandwich, and before I know it it’s all gone downhill.

About three weeks ago I was very motivated with my health. Went to gym daily, skipped lunch, scrambled egg or porridge for breakfast. Normally sized dinner. I was more confident, so I spoke more. Maybe I don’t socialise a lot when I feel disgusting because I don’t want people to look at me? Back then, I was confident. At the moment, not so much.


Exam season allows me to focus on myself. There is more freedom to study how I want to. I am not confined my homework projects, but I am free to allocate my time to how it is most efficient, which also means going to the gym and running, as well as eating well.

One of my tasks over summer is to figure out how to make my health a complementary part of my academic life to reach the social scholarly balance.



I wish my name was adenine. So I could get paired with U. #IBBiologyRevision



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